About Our Ghostwriting Services: for Individuals and Businesses

We are 100% committed to confidentiality with our ghostwriting projects.

Our Past Projects

Here is just a small sample of what we’ve written:

  • A heart-wrenching memoir for a woman who had spent 25 years in therapy treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder.

My therapist told me that the process of writing a memoir would be emotionally healing for me. Since I’m not a writer, I was referred to Sharon. Making that first long distance phone call was scary because I was about to reveal my darkest secrets to a complete stranger. But Sharon was so non-judgmental and supportive, her calm approach let me feel safe and the process became easy. She asked the right questions to trigger my memory for details and descriptions, and wove it all into an amazing story of healing and renewal.

— Marcia S.

  • An action-packed memoir for a woman who had narrowly escaped with her family during the Hungarian Revolution.

When I met Sharon at a social gathering, I mentioned where I was from and told her a few details about my life. She got excited and told me that this story just had to be written. Since my family had been urging me to do this anyway, Sharon and I spent the next few weeks meeting in my apartment, with her asking for details and me speaking into a small recorder. It was a fun experience for both of us and I now have a beautiful memoir to leave for my children. Sharon is wonderful to work with.

–Maggie V.

  • Articles, presentations, and numerous projects for a wealth manager.

I’ve known Sharon as a friend and colleague for over three decades. She’s a great writer, highly versatile, a pleasure to work with, and is always available when I need her to compose, edit, or polish articles before publication.
–Judith M.

  • A book about investing versus speculating for an international corporate turn-around specialist.

Since I was constantly traveling, there was no time to start that book I’d always hoped to write. And with my hectic schedule, I assumed it would be nearly impossible to work with a ghostwriter. But Sharon was tenacious about staying in contact, keeping me on track, and bringing it all together perfectly for publication.
–Jose R.

We ghostwrite for a variety of clients on numerous topics. If you’ve completed a manuscript yourself and would like someone to come along and polish it up, we do that too!

Our Process

Ghostwriting is a collaborative effort. When writing a full-length book, we work closely with you to initially structure a chapter outline. A detailed outline serves as our “road map” to keep us on track and helps get the basic facts organized. Then you provide descriptive details and we wordsmith it all into a fascinating read. It’s a give and take process with numerous interviews, either face-to-face, or via phone calls or email.

Got a story to tell?

Go ahead, admit it! You are the most fascinating person you know! You could write a terrific book about yourself . . . if only you had the time.

Relax! We’ve got the time!

We call this place “Sharon Rockey’s Byline, but when it comes to our ultra-confidential ghostwriting services, this section should really be called “(Your Name here)’s By-line.” Because we just sit here and “channel” your ideas ( . . . with plenty of professional guidance and suggestions from us, of course!)

The final product will be with YOUR byline, not ours!